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April 2015 FreeU Launch & Forum

One of the important findings at the April 2, 2015 discussion in Sturgeon Bay, concerns the method of interaction between participants or those who might simply be curious about what opportunities might be developed using the FreeU model. Rather than invent another social network, we decided that a discussion board would serve the immediate need regarding a way to formulate concepts and propose potential classes.

You are encouraged to visit, register and join in the discussion at our new FreeU Forum.

Photos by Alisa Landman…


  1. Eagerly waiting to see what develops. Time is the enemy of course. Will see what time I can lend to the effort.
    Possible course topic: Is Sustainability Possible? If not, how close are we to disaster?

    • Stephen Kastner

      April 22, 2015 at 5:10 pm

      We plan to launch our first course as a test run in order to create a working model. The plan is to study the Great Lakes on whatever scale you see that, from regional to global. Sustainability is certainly a vital factor in this exploration and research. There will be a course launch meeting on MAY 7 in the Jane Green room of the Sturgeon Bay library.

    • Any topic is possible Dave. I would suggest a course that, whatever it is called, utilizes the book 2052 by Jurgen Randers which the 40 year anniversary publication following from Limits to Growth.

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